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Knight Asphalte recently attended the very successful Green Roofing Congress where many varied lectures on all aspects of the benefits of green roofing were given.  Knight Asphalte personnel attending the conference were able to increase their knowledge on green roofing and pass on their practical know how to the architects and specifiers attending the congress. www.worldgreenroofcongress.com

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Our Values

At Knight Asphalte, we believe in:

  • honesty and integrity with our customers and employees
  • putting the health & safety of employees and others first
  • providing an efficient and quality service
  • undertaking works within agreed timescales
  • meeting agreed standards at all times
  • adapting our services to the needs of the industry
  • cost effectivenss, offering value for money for our customers.

To help us maintain our values, we encourage open communication, commitment and working together throughout the company. We constantly aim to create an environment where our employees enjoy being at work and can develop their skills to contribute effectively towards the productivity and profitability of the business.

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Mastic Asphalte Council


Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509


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