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Knight Asphalte recently attended the very successful Green Roofing Congress where many varied lectures on all aspects of the benefits of green roofing were given.  Knight Asphalte personnel attending the conference were able to increase their knowledge on green roofing and pass on their practical know how to the architects and specifiers attending the congress. www.worldgreenroofcongress.com

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Environmental Policy

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Knight Asphalte is committed to a policy that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001 and which will lead to a minimisation of the adverse impact of our activities upon the environment and upon the quality of life of the local communities in which we live and work.  It is Knight Asphalte’s policy to be a good neighbour and a responsible member of society.

We are committed to continually improving our environmental management, an integral part of our Integrated Management System, and preventing pollution.

We recognise the need to comply with all laws and regulations, both national and international, especially those that serve to protect the environment including any other requirements to which we subscribe.  We will utilise policies and procedures that will ensure conservation of natural resources whilst minimising any adverse environmental impact from our operations.  Conservation of our natural resources must begin with waste reduction and recycling.  We must all strive to ensure that any adverse impact upon the environment or quality of life is prevented or, at least, minimised during our activities, including storage, transportation and disposal of products and wastes. We aim to continually monitor environmental issues and strive to improve our performance in line with the current best practice.

The effectiveness of this policy will be monitored on a regular basis with a formal Management Review each year.  We will revise the policy as may be appropriate to continue to ensure minimisation of any adverse impact of our activities on the environment.

We will ensure that all operatives are made aware of this policy.

This policy is available to all external interested parties, including the public, on written request.

We will endeavour to :

  • Reduce noise and energy use wherever possible;
  • Reduce the emission of pollutants and take precautions to avoid environmental hazards;
  • Not use solvent cleaners;
  • Wherever possible, use materials which have been recycled or come from sustainable sources;
  • Always use labour nearest the point of work to minimise travel and transport labour and staff by the most efficient method.

K C Knight – Managing Director



Our Company Values

At Knight Asphalte we always aim to provide a first-class service by applying sound company values. Click here to find out more.

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Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509


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