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Knight Asphalte recently attended the very successful Green Roofing Congress where many varied lectures on all aspects of the benefits of green roofing were given.  Knight Asphalte personnel attending the conference were able to increase their knowledge on green roofing and pass on their practical know how to the architects and specifiers attending the congress. www.worldgreenroofcongress.com

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General Statement of Health and Safety


The company Knight Asphalte Co Ltd take their responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare very seriously.  They will do all within their power to comply with the legal, moral, financial and environmental responsibilities imposed upon them by statute.  The company also considers that Health and Safety is of equal importance as production and profit and this is reflected in the policy.  The aims of this policy are to minimise accidents and damage, and to develop a “Safety Culture” that will benefit everyone.

Mr K C Knight will be ultimately responsible for health, safety and welfare.  He considers that it is everyone’s duty to co-operate “so far as is reasonably practicable” to help in ensuring that the ideals set out in this policy are achieved.

Knight Asphalte Co Ltd employ the services of a company of safety consultants, they are Construction Safety (SE) Ltd, to assist them with their duties.

Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy conditions, equipment and systems of work for all or our employees and sub-contractors and ensure that they have sufficient information, training and supervision necessary for their tasks.  This will be aided by using techniques of “Risk Assessment” and good communication.  The company will “as far as is reasonably practicable” fulfil its duties under the HASAWA 1974 and all subsequent and relevant regulations.

Our company and all under their control, are under a “Duty of care” to safeguard its contractors, sub-contractors, clients, members of the public and anyone else who may be adversely affected by its activities.

Our company considers that “practical jokes” and “horseplay” of any kind is a serious breach of discipline.  As these may be instrumental to accidents and damage, the company retain the right for “Instant Dismissal”.

Our company will set Occupational Health and Safety Objectives, measure our safety performance and review this at management review meetings so these are met.

This policy will be updated and amended as necessary.  It will be reviewed annually and all employees will be notified of any changes. Our company will strive to continuously improve our safety policy and performance.

Signed.........................................................    Date 16/11/2011
               K C Knight Managing Directo


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Our Company Values

At Knight Asphalte we always aim to provide a first-class service by applying sound company values. Click here to find out more.

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Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509


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