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Knight Asphalte recently attended the very successful Green Roofing Congress where many varied lectures on all aspects of the benefits of green roofing were given.  Knight Asphalte personnel attending the conference were able to increase their knowledge on green roofing and pass on their practical know how to the architects and specifiers attending the congress. www.worldgreenroofcongress.com

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Mastic and Polymer Modified Asphalts

Mastic asphalt is a mixture of limestone and bitumen and is commonly used to provide waterproof and hardwearing surface to roofs, balconies, roof top car parks and service decks . The bitumen and closely graded stone are added together to form a molten mass that is fluid enough to be laid by wooden float yet sets quickly to create a voidless block that is impermeable to water, gas and contaminants.

Independent testing by the Building Research Establishment puts the life expectancy of mastic asphalt in roofing applications in excess of 50 years, more than twice that of other roofing materials.

Polymer modified asphalts are a relatively recent development. These products have a polymer additive with the basic bitumen and limestone recipe which makes the material more durable and longer lasting. Asphalt is thermoplastic, which means it can adapt its shape. Polymers better accommodate this movement and enable the asphalt to return to its original shape when cool.

Knight Asphalte are approved installers for Permanite, Langleys, Guaranteed and Pure asphalts and are also members of the Mastic Asphalt Council.

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What does being a MAC member mean?

As members of the Mastic Asphalt Council, we are subject to quality inspections and independent assesments throughout the period of membership. Quality, Health & Safety, Risk Management and COSHH are reviewed regularly to ensure that we are working in accordance with the relevant standards and codes of practice.

Mastic Asphalte Council


Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509






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