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Knight Asphalte recently attended the very successful Green Roofing Congress where many varied lectures on all aspects of the benefits of green roofing were given.  Knight Asphalte personnel attending the conference were able to increase their knowledge on green roofing and pass on their practical know how to the architects and specifiers attending the congress. www.worldgreenroofcongress.com

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Felt roofing systems

Roll and pour or torch on felts are used in built up felt roofing systems, providing a strong, waterproof and fatigue resistent surface. Waterproofing and durability qualities are similar to those of asphalt products but their use is sometimes preferable on lighterweight decks.

There are many different approaches to the detailed design of a built up roofing system. These can be discussed with our our estimators.

High performance felts are commonly used nowadays as these provide premium long term durability.

Knight Asphalte are approved installers for Icopal, Ruberoid, Langley, Axter, Bauder, Suprima, Esha and Marley felts.

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What are SBS and APP felts?

Both SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) and APP (Atactic Polypropylene) are polymers which are added to the basic bitumen material to modify it's properties. SBS makes the bitumen more rubber like, which gives it greater flexibility at low termparatures and greater elasticity. Adding APP to bitumen improves it's high temperature performance and can give improved weathering characteristics.

Mastic Asphalte Council


Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509

Cert No 7509






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