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Mastic Asphalt - Knight Asphalte

Mastic asphalt provides a tough and durable waterproof membrane with a proven track record for durability and is commonly used to provide waterproof and hardwearing surface to roofs, balconies, roof top car parks and service decks. 


Mastic asphalt has a long history of use, is installed by skilled craftsman, it’s recyclable and Carbon Zero. Because of its inherent strength and durability, it has been used on many high-profile projects throughout the UK for many decades particularly in situations where sustained traffic is likely.


The material easily outperforms all other types of waterproof membrane which is why it is extensively used on bridges, car parks and other types of structural decks. Independent testing by the Building Research Establishment puts the life expectancy of mastic asphalt in roofing applications in excess of 50 years, more than twice that of other roofing materials. For many architects it is also the first choice for waterproofing beneath green roof installations, meaning it’s the ideal solution for many projects. 

Knight Asphalte have worked with Iko and the Mastic Asphalt Council to complete hundres of mastic asphalte projects over the last 40 years.

We are approved installers of all Iko's mastic asphalt range including: Permaphalt, Permascreed, Pacopatch, Permapark, Permatrak and Roofstar.

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